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We help restaurants manage invoices and save on supplies.

Know which distributors offer the best prices on the items you buy.


A better bottomline.

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Restaurants are the life blood of our neighborhoods. Our mission is to help you save on supplies by making it fast and easy to find ways to:

Easily understand your expenses

We sort, digitize and categorize your invoices for free, then send you insights.

Learn the real prices for supplies

Use anonymously shared price information to find what you should be paying for supplies.

Get exclusive partner discounts

As our community grows, we’ll attract partners that will drive even bigger savings for our members.


Our solution

Dashy Dash makes it easy to manage your invoices, track your spend and find savings!

Simply email or upload images of your invoices or reciepts from your phone or computer.

We turn images of invoices into line-item-level detail that you can view from your account, download, or forward to your bookkeeper.

We’ll show you where your money is going and help you find your biggest opportunties to save on supplies.

Quickly and easily uncover which suppliers have the best prices, and how much you can save by optimizing your purchases.


Save time, money and brain power

Track prices on over 100k+ supplies

Prevent losing up to $90k per year by overpaying suppliers

Receive automatic alerts on price changes

Benchmark your price quotes across vendors

Optimize your ordering strategy across your current vendors

Save hours weekly with automatic invoice scanning and processing

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Save time & money with our free tools.

Automated Invoice Processing

Send us your invoices and we’ll do the busy work for you. It’s as easy as sending a picture from your phone via email or text.

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Invoice & Cost Insights

Our analytics and benchmark reports provide you with clear insights to improve your business by showing your sales performance along costs.

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Supply Price Search

Easily find real market prices from multiple foodservice suppliers in one search.

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