How to find the best price on restaurant suppplies...Fast.

Price Transparency

Dashy Dash Price Search anonymously crowd sources real invoice price on restaurant and bar supplies so you can quickly search across vendors and find the best price for supplies in your local market.

Time and Money

If you run a hospitality business, you have a better understanding than most that time is short, and money is tight. That’s why we created cross-vendor price search.

In our experience as restaurant owners, operators, and consultants we’ve seen restaurants and bars in the same markets spending paying vendors prices for supplies that can vary by as much as 60% for identical, or very similar products.

For some supplies you or chef like what you like, or value the service you’re getting from a vendor, and that’s the end of the story. But in other cases, you’ll just as quickly buy it from Amazon or Restaurant Depot if you know you’re going to get a better price.

Why do restaurants and bars overpay?

Prices are hidden. Time is short. And foodservice distributors like it this way.

Many, if not most, distributors avoid clearly posting prices on the goods they sell. Frequently, even if you see a posted price, the distributor rep might tell you something like, “Yeah, that’s our price, but I can work with you on that.”

So what does “work with you on that” actually mean? It means different customers get different prices, and except in specific cases restricted by law, it’s not just about how much you buy, it’s about how good a negotiator you are.

Distributors like being able to charge people different prices for the same products because it means they can skim margin for themselves. They know many operators are time starved and just don’t have the time to call up 5 vendors everytime they are looking for prices on new products.

Dashy Dash Price Search and price transparency for bars and restaurants.

Dashy Dash Price Search anonymously crowd sources real invoice prices from our members, aggregates the data and shares it back with our community so restaurants and bars can quickly determine which vendors have the best prices in their market for the products they buy most often.

You can try if for free by joining Dashy Dash

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